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How to adjust the Discharge Opening of the Impact Crusher?

author:dahua time:2021-04-06

Impact crusher is a widely used crusher machine in ore mining industry. Its production efficiency is related to the material nature and structure of the impact crusher, and the discharge opening also has a certain impact on its production efficiency and also has a protective effect on the equipment. Today, I will mainly share with you how to adjust the discharging opening of impact crusher.

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1. The impact crusher with hydraulic driving mode, its main shaft is located on the plunger in the hydraulic cylinder. By changing the volume of hydraulic oil under the plunger, the upper and lower positions of the crushing cone can be changed, thus changing the size of the discharge port of impact crusher. When overload, the downward pressure of the spindle becomes larger, forcing the hydraulic oil under the plunger to enter the accumulator in the hydraulic transmission system, so that the crushing cone drops to enlarge the discharge port, discharging the non-broken things with the material enter into the crushing chamber, so as to avoid the blockage of impact crusher.

2. For the impact crusher with mechanical mode, the upper end of the spindle has an adjustment nut. Rotate and adjust the nut, the crushing cone of impact crusher can fall or rise, so that the discharge port will become larger or smaller. When overloading, by cutting off the pin on the driving pulley to achieve insurance.

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In other words, impact crusher through different methods to adjust the size of the outlet to achieve the safe operation of equipment and efficient production. As a result, this setting is significant to the entire crusher machine; the daily maintenance should be taken to make sure it works properly.

I believe that through this introduction, we also have a corresponding understanding of the impact crusher. If you want to know more, please leave message to us. Email: Whatsapp: 86-13938852499