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How to choose Proper Crusher Machine?

author:dahua time:2017-09-13

In recent years, the crusher has been used more and more in concrete raw materials, buildings and road construction, and the demand is increasing continuously. Many customers know that there are many types of crusher equipments, different type has different application. For the enterprise operator, when choosing the crusher, should consider the actual situation to save investment and meet the daily requirement. Normally, we should mainly consider about the particle shape, material proportion, mixed amount, silt content and other factors.


In addition, the stones at the quarry have different thickness, size, and corresponding performance, etc. In order to meet the production line requirement, we must know about the aggregates characteristics. Different stone materials have different crushing requirement. Some stone materials have a high hardness, so it is necessary to choose the equipment with better crushing performance. If the hardness of the stone is larger, it is necessary to choose the equipment with larger crushing force. This characteristic is the very important data in choosing the crusher equipment.


There are two types in sand making production line, they are coarse crushing and fine crushing. The coarse crushing mode is mainly applied for the crushing of materials with less compressive strength. These materials have low hardness and small particle fineness, through coarse crushing can achieve the expected effect. While the fine crushing equipment is mainly used for the hard stones.


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