Product Knowledge

How to maximize the Value of Sand Making Production Line

author:dahua time:2017-09-14

In order to maximize the value of sand production line, it is necessary to strictly follow the operation standard of sand making machine. The comprehensive benefits of sand production line are dependent on the selection and coordination of each machine. Among them the sand making machine has been paid more and more concern, it is related to the sand output, quality and sand granularity grade. Therefore, we must correctly use sand making machine to realize the maximum value of the sand production line, and harvest the best benefits.


1. Before starting the machine, the operator should check whether the vortex chamber inspection door is closed. 

2. Check the impeller rotating direction from the feed opening. The rotating direction should be counter clockwise rotation. If it is not so, the electric connection should be adjusted.

3. The sand-making machine should start with no-load. Feed the material only when the sand-making machine is properly running.

4. The granularities of the feeding materials should be strictly controlled according to the requirement. Materials with size larger than the ruled size should be prohibited to avoid the blockage of impeller passage and central feeding passage to make sure the material is evenly given.

5. When the discharging device stop running, please timely stop the material feeding operation.

6. If the machine has phenomenon of strenuous vibration and abnormal noise during sand making machine operation, please stop the machine immediately and have a thorough check.

7. The sank-making machine should add some lubrication grease after every working shift.