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Maintenance of Crusher Machine

author:dahua time:2017-09-16

How to prolong the service life of crusher machine? Maintenance and repair are the necessary method to prolong the machine's life no matter before using, during operation or after operation, so as to reduce the cost. Following is the maintenance method:

Transfer maintenance: before transferring the crusher machine, it should be taken transfer maintenance. The maintenance is according to the technical condition, and take antiseptic treatment if necessary. 

Change season maintenance: the main content is to replace the lubricating oil, fuel oil, and take anti-freezing measures, like adding antifreezing device. 

Running-in period maintenance: new and old crusher must be carried out running-in period maintenance after the completion of overhaul. The main work is clean, fastening, adjustment and replacement of lubricants.

The good maintenance can maximize the crusher operation, to bring more benefits for the customer.