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Model Selection of Screening Machine

author:dahua time:2017-09-20

Screening machine has important role in mining machinery, so the expert from Luoyang Dahua will share the model selection of screening machine to help you choosing the machine.

1. Predictability: the machine production capacity should match the system. 

2. Maintainability: the equipment should be easy to maintain; time requirements of maintenance should be able to adapt to the system, and the requirements of maintenance personnel should be realistic.

3. Reliability: the equipment should be reliable enough to keep stable operation under the condition of normal operation and maintenance. The probability of sudden failure in work is low.

4. Durability: the service life of main spare parts must be coordinate with the system production characteristics. Mobile devices minimize the probability of factory maintenance, and the service life of fixed equipments should be adapted to the requirement of the use place to reduce the equipment shutdown time.

5. Universality: the standardization and serialization procedure of equipment itself and the matched spare parts must be higher, the universality and interchangeability must be stronger; the unit of measurement and voltage grade should meet the requirements. 

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