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How to choose the Concrete Crusher?

author:dahua time:2021-01-22

Concrete is an important raw material in the construction and is widely used in the construction industry. The quality of concrete determines the quality of construction. To ensure the quality of concrete, it is necessary to ensure the rationality of the selected crusher. If the crusher is not reasonable, the specifications of the finished concrete cannot be guaranteed. There are many types of concrete crushers. Here is a detailed introduction to you.

concrete crusher stone crushing machine

Concrete primary crusher: jaw crusher

A. The jaw crusher has a large feeding port without dead zone and a large processing capacity. It is a good helper for crushing large materials and can achieve efficient crushing effect.

B. Jaw crusher USES high quality steel plate. In the crushing area, we choose high quality wear-resistant materials to ensure the safe operation of the equipment in the long time operation of the equipment.

C. The noise pollution of the crusher is very small in operation, which can realize green production and will not affect the lives of the surrounding residents. In addition, the crusher has many models and a large capacity range, which can give users more choices.

concrete crusher type and features

2. Concrete medium and fine crusher: cone crusher

A. The cone crusher structure design is very reasonable, the technical parameters and crushing principle are particularly advanced. More secure and reliable at run time, which saves a lot of maintenance costs for the users.

B. The equipment adopts the laminating crushing principle, which can selectively crush the concrete. It effectively improves the content of concrete cubes, reduces the irregular materials in the finished concrete, and improves the quality of the finished product.

C. When repairing and maintaining parts, it can be directly disassembled without disassembling other equipment, which is fast and convenient and saves a lot of time.

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How to choose concrete crusher? 

There are many types of concrete crushers. Different production needs will configure different concrete crushers. The price of different types of crushers is different, and the price of crushers from different manufacturers is not the same.

The selection of concretet crusher machine should combine with your daily crushing demand and according to the type of ore to be crushed, hardness, humidity, etc. The factors such as the size of the inlet, the size of the power, and the amount of crushing per hour, should be comprehensively considered to determine the power consumption of the crusher, the inlet and other equipment attributes, to choose the suitable concrete crusher for their own production.