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Will there be a difference between small mobile crusher and large mobile crusher?

author:dahua time:2021-01-25

There are different models for any type of mining equipment, this is to meet the production needs of more industries, and mobile crusher is the same. There are mainly three classifications for this machine, one is according to the walking modes, the other is according to the different main crusher machine, and the third is according to the volume. According to the classification of volume, it can be divided into three kinds. The engineers will design the appropriate size according to the production demand and production conditions. Here is to introduce the difference between small mobile crusher and large mobile crusher.

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First. Different production costs.

Due to the different volume, large and small mobile crusher use different materials in the design process, and its welding process is also different. These differences make the investment cost is different. 

Two. Different production capacity.

The significant difference between large and small mobile crusher is the difference in production capacity, which makes the processing efficiency in the production line has a significant difference. Generally speaking, the production capacity of large mobile crusher is higher than that of small mobile crusher.

Third. The application field is different

The above introduces the different production capacity of large and small mobile crusher, which makes the two have different application fields. Generally speaking, large mobile crusher is mainly used in large and medium-sized production engineering, while small mobile crusher is mainly used in small production engineering.

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The difference between large and small mobile crushers mainly has three aspects, different production costs, different production capacity and different application areas. The first two kinds of difference makes the investment cost and output benefit of the two have a great difference, and also determines its different application areas.

For mobile crusher, selection of appropriate type is very important. Only by selecting the right type can we meet the requirements of production. No matter for large or small mobile crushing equipment, the main reference is the demand of production when selecting the machine.

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