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How to choose the Right Tracked Mobile Crushing Station?

author:dahua1 time:2019-12-12

The crawler mobile crushing station is a firm, mobile and efficient joint crushing workstation developed by our company. Using overloaded crawler chassis, self-provided power, cleverly designed, the function is all ready, feeding, crushing and sand making, screening and transmission such as process equipment for the integration of modular design, can through the combination of different models module unit, form a truly mobile crushing process, and a full set of crushing assignments are tracked turf. The advanced intelligent control system is also designed in the crawler mobile crushing station, which can realize the "one-button" start operation, and has high efficient crushing capacity and controllability. The crushing station is compact in structure, simple in installation, convenient in transportation and flexible in walking. It is suitable for the operation environment of various complex sites. It can be used for both open circuit and closed-circuit production. Then, how to choose the appropriate tracked mobile crushing station? It is necessary to start from the understanding of the characteristics of materials, understanding the basic rock characteristics can be more targeted for the purchase of crusher equipment and follow-up efficient processing.

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First, the characteristics of the material

1. Breakability

The general friability index is used to refer to the impact of the strength of rock and mineral machinery on the crushing. The crushability of the rock affects the discharge particle size of the crushing equipment, so it also affects the matching selection of processing equipment such as crawler mobile crushers. According to the professional index, the fragility of rocks can be divided into three levels: medium fragile, hard to break, and very hard to break. According to rock characteristics, limestone used in civil buildings belongs to the medium fragile class; lime greenstone and basalt, which are common in hydropower projects, belong to the fragile class.

2. Abrasiveness

The abrasiveness of rock mainly affects the life and wear cost of wear parts during the operation of the equipment, so the abrasiveness of rock is an important parameter for determining the equipment selection. According to related professional indexes, rock abrasiveness is classified as: high abrasiveness; very high abrasiveness; extremely high abrasiveness. Common granite is highly abrasive, and quartzite is highly abrasive.

Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Second, How to select the model?

1. Tracked mobile cone crushing station

In sandstone aggregate quarry operations, river pebble, granite, lime green rock and other high wear-resistant stones are many. It is recommended to choose a crawler cone mobile crushing station. This mobile crushing station is suitable for crushing sand and iron ore in large-scale ore dressing plants. The stone is crushed before ball milling, with better specificity and higher crushing efficiency.

Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry CMC series crawler mobile cone crusher is specially designed for secondary crushing and tertiary crushing. It adopts the principle of lamination crushing, the material is fully crushed, the crushing efficiency is high, the wear is small, the processing capacity is large, and the finished product has good shape. Optional single-layer or multi-layer detachable vibrating screen can realize the integrated operation of crushing and screening. The whole machine has a compact transportation size and is convenient for long-distance transportation.

2. Tracked mobile impact crusher station

In the construction of roads and bridges, most of the medium crushable materials such as limestone are used in the construction of the basement of the building. In the crushing treatment of construction waste, although the composition of the crushed materials is complex, the material to be crushed is a medium hardness crushable. It is recommended to choose a crawler impact crusher. The impact mobile crushing station uses the principle of impact crushing, and the material is repeatedly impacted and crushed between the plate hammer and the impact plate until it is crushed to the discharge particle size and discharged from the discharge port.

Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry CMC series crawler mobile counterattack crushing station is driven by oil-electric hybrid drive tracked vehicle chassis. It is specially equipped with counterattack crusher combined with pre-screening vibrating screen optimized for mobile operation, which can be used for secondary crushing. It is widely applicable to the crushing of construction waste and the crushing of all kinds of soft and hard stones and ores. Each module of the whole machine is compact and efficient, and can be quickly moved into the field for quick and convenient transfer.

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