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How to improve the capacity of Crawler-Type Mobile Impact Crushing Station?

author:dahua2 time:2024-06-12

With the acceleration of urbanization, the treatment and recycling of solid waste resources such as construction waste has become a hot issue of social concern. Crawler-type mobile impact crushing station has gradually become the preferred equipment in the field of solid waste resource recycling and primary processing due to its simple operation, flexible transfer, high cost performance, high output and good product particle shape. However, in order to give full play to its production capacity advantages and improve economic benefits, we need to pay attention to the following points in daily use.
Crawler-Type Mobile Impact Crushing Station
First, it is key to reasonably reduce the moisture content of the material. If there is too much moisture in the material, it will not only adhere to the crushing chamber, but also cause blockage during the feeding process, thereby seriously reducing the production capacity of the impact crusher. Therefore, for materials with a high moisture content, we should take the method of drying or drying in advance to effectively reduce the moisture content of the material, thereby increasing the production capacity of the impact crusher.
Secondly, choosing an impact crusher with a pre-screening material belt is also an important means to increase production capacity. If the material before crushing contains a large amount of fine powder, it will seriously affect the production capacity of the impact crusher, because these fine powders are easy to adhere, affecting transportation and feeding. The impact crusher with a pre-screening material belt can screen the powdered material so that the material entering the crushing chamber is more in line with the design requirements of the impact crusher, thereby effectively improving the capacity of the impact crusher.
In terms of equipment configuration, reasonably increasing the power of the main motor and appropriately increasing the speed of the rotor are also effective ways to improve the performance of the impact crusher. Within the rated motor power range, the greater the power of the main motor, the higher the production efficiency of the impact crusher, and the corresponding increase in production capacity. At the same time, with the increase in rotor speed, the production capacity and crushing ratio of the impact crusher will increase significantly, but it should be noted that the speed increase should be moderate to avoid problems such as excessive power consumption and excessive wear of the hammer.
Mobile Impact Crushing Station
In addition, the angle of the impact plate is also an important factor affecting the performance of the impact crusher. Although the zigzag impact plate has a simple structure, it cannot guarantee that the crushed material is more effectively impacted and crushed. The arc-shaped impact plate, especially the involute-shaped one, can make the crushed material impact in a vertical direction, thereby improving the crushing efficiency and production capacity. Therefore, when purchasing and debugging crawler-type mobile impact crusher, we should pay attention to observing the angle of the impact plate to ensure that the material can be perpendicular to the impact plate when it collides with the impact plate.
In addition to equipment configuration and parameter adjustment, uniform feeding and timely replacement of wear parts are also important measures to improve the performance of impact crushers. Feeding should be uniform to prevent large pieces of material and non-crushed materials from entering the crushing chamber. At the same time, the gap between the impact plate and the hammer should be checked regularly to ensure that it is within the specified range. For worn wear parts, especially those that directly contact the material such as hammers and impact plates, they should be replaced in time to keep the equipment in good operating condition.
Finally, daily inspection, maintenance and care of the crawler-type mobile impact crusher are equally important. We should regularly check the fixed parts of the equipment, the fixed parts of the impact plate, and the wearing parts to promptly detect and deal with potential problems. At the same time, a comprehensive equipment inspection should be carried out before starting up to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition.
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