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How to start stone crusher plant business

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If you want to start a stone crusher plant business, find here a complete project plan guide on launching a stone crushing plant with costs, licenses, production process, and much more.
Stone crusher plant is a profitable venture for new entrepreneurs. The demand for quality stone chips is increasing day-by-day. Crushed stone is one of the main construction materials along with sand, cement, bricks and steel. You can break the crushed stone into various sizes like 35mm, 20mm, 12mm, etc for different uses. Crushed stone aggregates are essential for the construction of highway, airport, roads, bridges, housing, industrial building construction. Additionally, it is an essential item for other cement-based products.  
How to start stone crusher plant business
Here are the 5 Steps to Start Stone Crusher Plant Business
1. Selection of mining area
1-1 Mining area selection criteria and requirements
Before starting stone crusher plant business, the survey about mining area is necessary. It is better to mining site with sufficient raw material and convenient transport.
1-1-1.Sufficient raw materials in the mining area. Fixed stone production line can be mined for at least 5-10 years. If choose mobile crushing plant, it has not strict requirement for mining area, as the crushing machines could move to another place easily.
1-2-2. The mining area is close to the stone demand market, and the transportation is relatively convenient, which is convenient for the transportation of stone products to reduce the cost.
1-2.Stone crushing plant location selection
1-2-1 The location of stone crushing plant should be at least 200-500 meters away from the main raw material area. When blasting, it will be safer.
1-2-2 The site of the stone production line is as flat as possible, and the finished material area is convenient for loading and transport by truck.
1-3.Ownership of mining area
According to the different ownership of the mining area, we calculate the cost of stone crushing plant business is different. There are generally the following four kinds of mining ownership, we should calculate the cost according to different circumstances.
1-3-1. Own mine;
1-3-2. The mine you bought;
1-3-1. Lease mine (5 years, 10 years);
1-3-4. Partner with mine owners
2.Crushing plant operating license
Some operating licenses are necessary for stone crusher plant. They could be applied in the relevant department of local government. The application for the license and the purchase of the equipment can be done simultaneously.
2-1. Land Change Certificate: agricultural land changed to industrial land - from Material Planning Bureau (change if necessary)
2-2. Environmental certificate : Environmental Protection Bureau
2-3. Mining license and blasting license: Mining Bureau
2-4.Business Operation Permit: registered and issued by the local government department;
2-5. Safety Permit: Government Security Bureau
3. Mining and blasting
Required equipment: down-the-hole drill, detonator, explosives, breaker, etc.
When mining and blasting, it need to allocate the drilling distribution. Normally, the drilling whole is size with diameter 90-200mm and depth10-20m. And the drilling space is 2m at least.
Take capacity 200tph stone crusher plant as an example, it need three months based on blasting 50,000 cubic meters of raw materials each time.
4. Stone transfer and auxiliary equipment
Transfer tools: excavators, loaders, dump trucks
Auxiliary equipment: generator (diesel), weighbridge
According to the stone type, output and final particle size requirements, choose the appropriate supplier of mining machinery and equipment. The supplier will provide a complete set of stone crushing production line equipment process plan, equipment model and price list according to the demand.
In order to get a professional and complete solution, users need to provide the following basic information:
5-1. The type and hardness of raw materials (generally based on Mohs hardness);
5-2 Raw material feed size;
5-3 Finished stone material output size;
5-4 production capacity;
5-5 Other special requirements: control of discharge ratio; discharge grain type requirements; unconventional terrain; relatively scattered raw materials; steel structure foundation is required to be fixed, etc.
Optimal schedule for building a stone crushing plant
Huazn Machinery company is a high-tech mining equipment comprehensive enterprise, integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service, and passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certifications. Our products have exported to more than 80 countries. For stone crusher plant, we make an optimal schedule for building a stone crushing plant.
1.After receiving the advance payment, our factory will place an order for production, and the production cycle will be 30-45 working days.
During this period, the user can level the crushing plant site, and start the blasting work if conditions permit
2.After the production is finished, pay the final payment. The transportation time is different due to transporting to different countries. And the customs clearance time after the goods arrive at the port of destination is about 7-10 days. the user can do the foundation during this period, user can make the foundation according to drawing.
Concrete foundation: the user shall prepare steel bars, cement, stones, large sand, cables, installation tools, etc.;
Steel structure foundation, the wheeled mobile station can wait for the equipment to arrive at the port to make the concrete base and outriggers;
3.Equipment installation, commissioning, engineer training: 15-60 days
Land and machinery are the major fixed cost investment. Major working capital costs are raw material, manpower, and utilities.  From above, we sum up the main investment cost for stone crusher plant as below:
1.Expenses for buying mines, renting mines, etc.;
2.Apply for an operating permit;
3.Drilling and blasting;
4.Auxiliary equipment: excavators, loaders, generators, etc.;
5.Stone crushing plant equipment;
5-1. Hopper
5-2. Pirmay crusher(Jaw crushers / Gyratory crushers / heavy hammer crusher)
5-3. Secondary crushers(impact crusher / cone crusher / hammer crusher)
5-4. Vibrating screen completes with all fittings.
5-5. Loader for carrying crushed material.
5-6. Belt conveyor system
5-7. Dust collector with motor
5-8. Electrical control cabinet system
5-9.Spare jaws, jigs, fixtures and tools
6. Costs of customs clearance and transportation;
7. Foundation installation costs: cables, steel bars, cement, sand, steel plates, labor, etc.;
8. Daily operating costs of the production line: diesel generators, excavators, loaders, dump trucks, labor, equipment maintenance, etc.;
They crush stones which are then used for a variety of industrial purposes. Your stone crusher business plans should not focus on what services your business will provide, but instead how you intend to enter the market and generate profit. Call us now for a free consultation.
Starting a stone crusher project requires a detailed business plan. You should include an executive summary and market research. Stone crushing plant consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and electric control panel etc. Its designed throughput generally is 50-2000 t/h. It can be adopted to almost all types of materials from stone production to various ores crushing.
What is the production cost of stone crusher?
Project cost will depend upon desired quality as well as quantity of of end product as well as infrastructure facilities available at proposed project site. Find a professional engineering company and stone crusher manufacture, like Huazn Machinery company to get a detailed quotation for your budget reference.
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