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Impact Crushers Price and Parameter

author:dahua time:2021-03-29

Impact crusher is widely used for coarse, medium and fine crushing of medium hardness brittle materials, such as limestone, dolomite, shale, sandstone, coal, asbestos, graphite and rock salt in the fields of building materials, chemical industry, coal and other industrial sectors. The advantages of impact crusher are: large crushing ratio, generally 10-20, and high up to 50-60. Simplified crushing process, simple structure, easy manufacturing, and easy to use and maintenance, etc. However, due to the concentrated wear of plate hammer, its application in crushing hard materials is limited.

impact crusher price

Impact crusher price

Although the price of impact crusher is between tens of thousands dollars to hundreds of thousands dollars, there is a gap between most of the equipment. This price gap is mainly reflected in the material of the equipment, the incidental service of the equipment, the quality of the equipment and other factors. Luoyang Dahua impact crusher has high cost performance, stable operation. The ultimate goal of purchasing impact crusher is to make it create more profits. Therefore, no matter choosing the one with high price or low price, it is better to choose the one suitable for us. If you have troubles in this respect, please directly click on the online consultationcrusher service . There are professional personnel who will give you the customized selection of crusher machine according to your needs.

Luoyang Dahua impact crusher performance advantages

1. Large inlet, high crushing chamber, high hardness of materials, large lumpiness, less stone powder.

2. The new wear-resistant material makes the plate hammer, the impact plate and the lining plate have longer service life.

3. The whole board structure makes the discharge more small particle size and cubic shape, no lining.

4. The product shape is a cube, the discharging size can be adjusted.

5. Full hydraulic open, easy to repair and replace wearing parts.

impact crusher cube shape factory price

Technical parameters of Luoyang Dahua impact crusher

Model Max. Feed Size(mm) Discharge Size
<150MPa <250MPa
PFQ1108 300 150 30 50~100 75
PFQ1110 400 200 35 80~150 110
PFQ1310 400 200 40 140~200 160
PFQ1313 400 250 40 180~260 200
PFQ1315 400 300 40 200~300 250
PFQ1320 400 300 40 300~400 2×160
PFQ1520 500 400 40 350~550 2×250
PFQ1623 700 400 40 600~780 2×355
PFQ1823 700 400 40 650~1000 2×400