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What Matters need to pay attention to when buying Crusher?

author:dahua time:2021-03-30

Crusher is an indispensable equipment in China's infrastructure construction, and its application field is very wide. When customers buy crusher, they must proceed from reality and consider whether their own project is suitable for the one they want to buy. Learn about the characteristics and scope of application of various crushing equipment, and then refer to the service quality of the manufacturer. In addition, the following factors should be paid attention to when choosing:

cone crusher machine large capacity

1. We need to determine what the broken material is. According to their own production capacity to determine which type of crusher should be selected, and which type of crusher specifications.

2. After determining the specifications and models of the crusher, several crusher manufacturers should be found for comparison. It is best to choose a company with good reputation and strength, so that if quality problems occur in the future, it can be guaranteed. As for how to choose, it is best to have a field visit, or refer to the production line that the crushing factory made for customers before, to see how it works and how its reputation is among users.

3. Consider the specific gravity of the ore: The specific gravity of the ore is directly proportional to the productivity of the crusher -- the same crusher, when dealing with different specific gravity of the ore, its productivity is bound to be different.

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4. Consider the humidity of the material: The humidity of the material itself has little effect on crushing, but when the impurities (mud or powder) in the material is too much, the fine grain material will be agglomerated or stick to the coarse grain material due to the increase of humidity, thus increasing the stickiness of the material, reducing the discharging speed, so that the productivity has decreased.

5. Consider the particle size composition of crushing materials: When the content of coarse grains (larger than the outlet size) in the crushing material is high or the ratio of the maximum bulk to the width of the ore outlet is large, the crushing ratio that the crusher needs to achieve is large, so the productivity is reduced; The fine grain (close to or less than the size of the ore discharge port) content is more or the ratio of the maximum bulk to the width of the ore feed port is small, the crushing ratio to be realized is small, so the productivity is high and the corresponding improvement is achieved.

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6. The total production of finished products and grading requirements: The selection of crusher type and production capacity; Physical properties of the material, such as fragility, viscosity, moisture, sediment content and maximum feeding size, etc. Technical and economic indicators, so as to meet the requirements of quality and quantity. Crushing equipment is a big investment, so customers must be careful when choosing.

7. After-sales service is guaranteed: At the same time, the important thing is the manufacturer's after-sales service, which is also a problem that users should consider when choosing and buying. Many manufacturers take after-sales service as a highlight of the new competition. Aft-sales service is a very important issue. In many cases, professional manufacturers can provide quick repair ability, and the failure of mechanical equipment has little impact on the production schedule.

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