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Installation And Operation Of Vibrating Feeder

author:dahua2 time:2022-09-30

Vibration feeder is a kind of commonly used feeding equipment. In the production process, vibrating feeder can feed the block or granular material uniformly and continuously to the material receiving equipment, and it is the first process of the whole production line. Generally, jaw crusher is installed after vibrating feeder and the working efficiency of vibrating feeder not only has an important impact on the capacity of jaw crusher, but also has an impact on working efficiency of the production line.

vibrating feeder

In order to ensure the feeding speed and stable operation of vibration feeder, here are some precautions while installing and operating the vibrating feeder:

While be used for batching, quantitative feeding, to ensure uniform and stable feeding, prevent material gravity, vibrating feeder should be installed level; For continuous feeding of general materials, it can be installed at 10°downward inclination. For viscous materials and materials with large water content, it can be installed at 15° downward inclination.

After installation, the vibration feeder should have a floating clearance of 20mm, horizontal should be horizontal, and the suspension device adopts flexible connection.

Before no-load test of vibration feeder, all bolts should be tightened, especially the anchor bolts of vibration motor; and the bolts should be tightened again for 3-5 hours of continuous operation.

In the operation process of vibrating feeder, check the amplitude, the current of the motor, the current and the surface temperature of the motor regularly. And the amplitude should be uniform, and the vibration motor current should be stable. If the abnormal situation is found, it should be stopped immediately and deal with the problem. 

The lubrication of the vibrating motor bearing is the key to the normal operation of the entire vibrating feeder. In the operation process, grease should be regularly added to the bearings, once every two months, once every month in the high temperature season, once every six months to repair the motor and replace the internal bearings.

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