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author:dahua time:2021-04-12

Jaw crusher is the most basic crushing equipment of the mine crushing production line. It crushes the raw stone extracted from the quarry, and is the first crushing pass in the production line stone. How to choose the cost-effective jaw crusher? The price of jaw crusher in the market has not been an accurate pricing, the price gap is very large, because of its scale, model, brand and so on, its performance will be different, and the price will also be affected.

The choice of jaw crusher is not difficult, first of all, we must understand what kind of effect the jaw crusher should achieve in the crushing production line: 1. Meet the needs of the mine. 2. The jaw crusher equipment is durable. 3. Jaw crusher equipment maintenance support.

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1. To meet the needs of the mine

Achieving mine requirements can be divided into two points, operation requirements and emission requirements. The jaw crusher should meet the daily operation requirements to ensure that the daily output of the production line can meet the operation requirements. Emission demand is to require the pollution produced by the crusher when working to meet the emission standards.

2. Jaw crusher equipment is durable

The stone crushing production line in the mining industry belongs to long-term operation, and the jaw crusher should also have the characteristics of durability. If you want to get a greater return, it is important to invest in equipment in the early stage. When choosing equipment, we should not only look at the price, but also understand the performance and durability of the jaw crusher equipment. A durable and stable production line is the real way to make money.

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3. Jaw crusher equipment maintenance support

Before the purchase of jaw crusher equipment, people will pay attention to the after-sales maintenance service of jaw crusher equipment. Because the equipment may have some problems in the process of use, if it is not maintained well, the probability of failure will become larger. After-sale maintenance is to give the equipment insurance, and there is no need to find someone to repair the equipment when it fails. Different jaw crusher equipment brands have different structure and components, the replacement of other parts of the equipment will have an impact on the performance of the equipment, so after-sales maintenance service is a necessary guarantee for long-term production line equipment.

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