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Lubrication and Maintenance Knowledge of Sand Making Machine

author:dahua time:2020-09-18

Mechanism sand making production line is a comprehensive production system with close coordination of each link, so in order to keep the production line in high efficiency, it is necessary to ensure that each link and each crusher equipment is kept in an optimal working state at all times. In the sand making production line, the sand making machine often runs for a long time under heavy load, and too high operating strength will accelerate the aging of the machine and reduce its service life. Proper and reasonable lubrication of sand making machine can effectively reduce equipment wear and prolong equipment service life, so it is necessary to understand the relevant lubrication knowledge of sand making machine.

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There are skills about the selection of lubrication oil. Different lubricants with different characteristics are required depending on the production environment, region and season. For example, in cold and dry areas, the equipment will often start up and run under the condition of tens of degrees below zero in winter, so the used lubrication oil should have strong anti-freezing performance; In the rainy and high-temperature zone, the temperature of the equipment will not be too low in winter, but in summer, it is necessary to face the high temperature anomaly. In addition, in the case of excessive rainy season, the equipment must be well protected against high temperature, moisture and rust.

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In general, different types and models of lubrication oil cannot be used interchangeably. When filling lubrication oil, it must be carried out in accordance with the operating standards of equipment maintenance. The equipment should be inspected regularly to avoid the occurrence of insufficient lubrication oil or deterioration of lubrication oil.

In addition, the sand making machine operation for a long time will also cause more or less abrasion of equipment parts, which will have a direct impact on the normal operation of the equipment. So in addition to the daily lubrication maintenance, the inspection and maintenance of the sand making machine must also be in place. Only regular maintenance of the equipment can ensure the high speed operation of the equipment, and also improve the output of the equipment. Always pay attention to the operation of sand making machine, timely find problems and solve problems.

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