Product Knowledge

Maintenance on the Parts of Hammer Crusher

author:dahua time:2018-07-30

Hammer crusher is mainly used for the crushing of hard materials. Therefore, it is easy to be worn. Among them, the wear of hammer head, hammer frame and main shaft are most serious, which are the key maintenance parts for hammer crusher.


1. Hammer head: hammer heads should be overturned on time during use according to the current situation until the new hammer head replaced. The new hammer head should be weighed when replacement, and then divided into several groups to make the weight of each group to be equal.


2. Hammer frame: check the middle hammer plate in time, try to repair or timely replace. Because the middle hammer plates easily clamp the hammer head after bending to cause vibration. For the wear side hammer plates, there are two methods to extend the service life of side plates: one is wear-resisting layer overlaying on the wear, two is better to coat the wear-resisting layer around the circular surface and one surface nearby side plate before the new side plates replaced.


3. Main shaft: add protection cover on main shaft end with the adoption of interference fit. Transport the main shaft to machine repair shop, grinding the abrasion parts, and adjust the spacer according to the new diameter of bearing bush.