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Mobile Crusher Manufacturer tells you Attentions about Crawler Mobile Station under High Temperature

author:dahua time:2020-09-01

There will be a lot of heat when the crawler mobile station is in use, and if the external environment temperature is too high, it will add a lot of load to the machine, resulting in equipment shutdown, failure and other problems. What should we pay attention to when using crawler mobile stations in hot weather?

crawler mobile station

1. Do a good job in the maintenance of crawler mobile station, carry out regular comprehensive inspection of equipment, change the engine filters and oil, change or adjust the belt, check whether the fan, water tank, generator, compressor and other components can operate normally.

2. Timely clean the oil and dust on the engine body, to ensure that the engine maintains good heat dissipation.

3. Change the appropriate oil viscosity grade for the crawler mobile station. Generally, the oil viscosity grade is higher in summer than that at other times.

4. The engine and other parts requiring lubrication oil should be in proper quantity and checked frequently for oil leakage. Especially fuel, should be supplemented in time.

5. Check whether the cooling system and fuel system are unblocked, and replace the aging wire, plug, oil pipe, screw and tighten the fuel pipe to prevent fuel leakage.

6. Minimize the exposure time of the machine in the sun. Because of a long time of exposure to the sun, will easily lead to equipment aging and sometimes high temperature will lead to equipment unable to work normally, affecting the quality and efficiency of the equipment. We should try to keep the crawler mobile station in the shade when we are working or at rest to avoid long time exposure to the sun.