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Mobile Crusher VS Fixed Crusher - Which One is Better for Crushing Stone?

author:dahua2 time:2021-09-18

There are two common types of crushing equipment on the market. One is fixed crushers, and the other is mobile crushers. So in the process of crushing stone and ore, which one is better? 

Features of mobile crushing station

There are two types of mobile crushing stations, tire wheeled and crawler type. The advantage of the mobile crushing station is that it is convenient to transfer. There is no need to build workshops and foundations on site. It has natural advantages when facing complex terrain mines. It reduces the time required to build a production line and improves production efficiency in disguise. When the mining resources are completed , it can be quickly transferred to the next mine, which is more applicable, but it also has a very obvious shortcoming, that is, the price is expensive.

mobile crushers

Features of fixed crushing plant

The construction of fixed crushing plant takes a long time, and the operation has been very mature, and in terms of crushing, large-scale equipment can be selected for centralized crushing. Disadvantages: The initial construction period is long and the investment is large. After the mine collection is completed, the equipment needs to be dismantled and installed, which increases the cost.

 fixed crushing plant

If it is crushing construction waste, the editor recommends choosing mobile crushing station. After all, construction waste crushing will be transferred to different places, which can minimize the time of civil installation and disassembly, reducing time and investment costs. For crushing those ultra-large-scale mines, it is recommended to use fixed crushing equipment which will be more cost-effective.

Which crushing equipment to choose depends on comprehensive consideration of different terrains, different investment costs, and different scales of mines. If you don't know the configuration of the crushing production line, you can also choose the EPC total package. From the early equipment selection to the mid-term construction, to the later equipment maintenance, there are professionals to provide services, which is more worry-free and labor-saving.


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