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Production Process and Common Configuration of Sand Aggregate Production Line

author:dahua1 time:2019-11-07

First, the sand aggregate production process

The first process: pre-crushing the bulk material in the ore, sorting the debris that is not suitable for crushing, removing waste wood, plastic and other debris, and removing the scrap iron in the aggregate. 

The second process: the crushing equipment in the production line is used for processing and crushing, and the vibrating feeder is uniformly fed. The smashing movement is used to break the large sandstone aggregate into smaller granularity, and then the cone crusher is finely crushed, and the material is finely divided and shaped by a sand making machine. The aggregate size of the aggregate after the sand making machine is uniform.

The third process: the broken stones are sieved and classified to obtain recycled aggregate products of different specifications. Divided into first-grade screening, secondary screening and tertiary screening: the first-stage screening uses a circular vibrating screen, and the coarse-broken concrete aggregate is divided into 0-40mm blocks and 5mm or less crushed materials; The graded sieve divides the crushed aggregate into 5-20mm high quality recycled aggregate, which can be used for C25-C30 concrete production. The third grade sieve sorts 0.15mm-5mm high quality recycled fine aggregate and 0.15mm following fine powder.

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Second, the common sandstone aggregate production line configuration

Generally speaking, the configuration of the sand and gravel aggregate production line needs to combine the user's working conditions, time production, finished product granularity, energy consumption and other requirements. The common equipment combination form of the aggregate production line:

1. Jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine + auxiliary equipment (feeder, conveyor, elevator, etc.);

2. Jaw crusher + impact crusher + sand making machine + auxiliary equipment;


1. It has very good particle grading and small stacking void rate, which can save cement consumption.

2. It has very stable physical and chemical properties, and has better durability.

3. Containing less impurity will not affect the cement condensation hardening; can effectively improve the service life of the engineering building.

4. The machined aggregate has higher hardness and firmness.