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Single-cylinder Cone Crusher, Multi-cylinder Cone crusher, Can You tell the Difference between the Hydraulic Cone Crusher?

author:dahua time:2019-11-11

Speaking of cone crusher, we are familiar with the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. We all know that the cone crusher is used for medium and fine crushing of medium hardness materials, and then in the selection of whole sand and stone crushing production line, what is the difference between single cylinder and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher? How to choose? Don't worry, please follow me to look at the difference between the two types of hydraulic cone crusher.

multi-cylinder hysraulic cone crusher

Hydraulic cone crusher structure:

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher mainly consists of six parts: 1) top frame assembly; 2) bottom frame assembly; 3) moving cone assembly; 4) transmission shaft assembly; 5) eccentric sleeve assembly; 6) hydraulic cylinder assembly. The auxiliary part is composed of electrical system and thin oil lubrication system.

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher mainly consists of the following six parts: 1) bottom frame: spindle guide pin; 2) eccentric sleeve: eccentric sleeve balance ring large bevel gear; 3) transmission part: shaft sleeve of driving shaft bevel gear; 4) support sleeve: support sleeve lock cylinder lock nut; 5) adjusting ring: adjusting ring and concave ring; 6) moving cone: crushing hammer spherical tile. The auxiliary part is composed of electrical system and thin oil lubrication system.

Working principle:

The working principle of multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is similar to that of the single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, both of which are the motor driving the drive shaft rotation, and the drive shaft drives the eccentric sleeve rotation, so that the ore in the crushing chamber is constantly broken by impact, and the broken material is discharged out. The difference lies in: the spindle of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher drives through the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder, can move up and down, to adjust the size of the discharge port, making the unbreakable material discharged from the discharge opening. While the spindle of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is fixed axis type, compounded with the frame, do rotary pendulum movement.

single cylinder hysraulic cone crusher

Feeding mode:

Generally speaking, single cylinder and multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can be full feed. Single cylinder cone crusher cannot be full feeding, but full feeding operation on the production capacity, product fineness, lining plate uniform wear are more favorable. Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher must be feed fully, otherwise it will inevitably bring abnormal damage of eccentric bushing and its liner.

Comparison of crushing force:

Under the condition of the same crushing angle, the faster the rotation speed is, the better the laminating crushing effect is. The rotation speed of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is much faster than that of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. Therefore, the final product of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a higher percentage of fine particle level and more even product. Under the premise of the same power and the same treatment time, the output of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is at least 1-2 times than that of the single cylinder cone crusher.

hydraulic cone crusher

To sum up, single-cylinder and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers are both high-performance crushers with their own advantages. Single cylinder cone is simple in structure, stable in operation and easy to operate and maintain, while multi-cylinder cone is complex in structure and high in price. Therefore, the user should based on their own situation to choose the crusher, at the same time consult the larger crusher manufacturers, to buy suitable crusher equipment. Luoyang Dahua HPY multi-cylinder cone crusher and GPY single-cylinder cone crusher are widely used in construction, hydropower dams, highway construction, steel slag crushing and other fields, welcome the users contact us: to get more information and new quotation.