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Six Decisive Factors to improve the Performance of Impact Crusher

author:dahua time:2019-07-15

Impact crushers use impacting force to break materials, the improvement of crushing performance can not only enhance the machine production capacity, but also bring customers huge economic benefits. This paper focuses on six factors to improve the impact crusher performance: rotor inertia, the shape of the plate hammer, the inlet angle, crushing cavity, outlet angle and speed.

impact crusher

Six key determinants of impact crusher performance

1. Rotor inertia  When the rotor rotates, it has large rotation inertia, the rotor with more powerful momentum, which is suitable for crushing harder materials, at the same time, lower energy consumption.

2. The shape of plate hammer  At present, the shape of plate hammer is mostly divided into two kinds, one is linear plate hammer, the other is crescent shape hammer. Crescent shaped plate hammer has more advantages, because it can ensure the material vertical impact, impact force is greater, high crushing efficiency. And the impact surface is larger and more durable than the straight-line plate hammer.

3. Inlet angle  The size of feeding opening determines its capacity. Generally speaking, if the feeding opening is large, more materials will be input at one time, and the output of the equipment will be relatively large, which is convenient for the production line layout. Large inlet, high crushing cavity, less stone powder.

4. Crushing cavity  If the crushing cavity of impact crusher is divided according to the impact plate, the first level of the impact plate corresponding to the crushing cavity is called first cavity, the second level of the impact plate corresponding to the crushing cavity is called the third cavities, the third level of the impact plate corresponding to the crushing cavity is called tertiary cavities. Therefore, the crusher with three impacting plate can strengthen the selective crushing and increase the crushing degree of materials by increasing the number of crushing cavities.

5. Outlet angle  The outlet angle can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the impacting frame, to ensure that its two sides and the rack lining can achieve the relative gap for discharging particle size.

6. Speed  With the increasement of rotor speed, the hammerhead kinetic energy can be increased, and the crushing degree, crushing ratio and the content of fine grain in products can be increased.

The above is six factors to improve the performance of impact crusher, in our daily operation, in addition to master the above 6 factors, we also need to know the characteristic of crushed material, material hardness, and wear-resistant parts, etc. Luoyang Dahua specializing in the production of cobble crusher, limestone impact crusher, and granite cone crusher, our technical staff will provide customers with excellent solutions and high performance crusher equipment.