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Six Major Faults and Solutions of Hammer Crusher

author:dahua time:2019-09-23

Hammer crusher mainly uses impacting force to crusher materials, which is suitable for the crushing of medium hardness and poor abrasive materials, with compressive strength not exceed 100Mpa, and water content less than 30%. Because hammer crusher is used to crush hard materials for a long time, it will undoubtedly have some faults in the using process, consumers don't need to be too nervous. Here, we introduce six major faults and solutions of the hammer crusher.

Working principle of hammer crusher: The motor of hammer crusher drives the rotor to rotate at high speed. Materials feed from the upper feeding opening into the machine, being stroke, impacting, shearing, and grinding by the high-speed movement of hammer. At the lower part of the rotor, a sieve plate is arranged, and the grains smaller than the size of the sieve hole are discharged through the sieve plate. The coarse grains larger than the size of the sieve hole are remaining on the sieve plate to be hit and ground by the hammer.

hammer crusher fault and solution

Six major faults and solutions

1. High temperature of bearing:

a. The grease takes too long and deterioration, lack of grease also will lead the bearing temperature rise. The solution is to regularly check, add grease if insufficient, and clean the bearing in time. When added, pay attention to add right amount of grease, the account should be 50% of its space volume. 

b. The bearing is broken. The solution is timely replacement.

2. Fewer finished products:

a. Non-standard operation may cause uneven feeding. The solution is to regulate the operation, adjust the speed and quantity of feeding.

b. The gap of the screen inside the machine may be blocked. The solution is to stop the machine immediately for inspection, if there is a blockage should immediately clear the blockage.

3. The size of finished product is too large:

a. Due to a long time of working without regular inspection, the hammer head is seriously worn or the screen bar is broken. The solution is: should do a good maintenance, replace hammer head or screen.

4. Knocking sounds appear inside the machine:

a. Non-crushed materials enter into the machine. The solution is to try to deal with the raw materials, immediately shut down the machine, and clean the crushing chamber. 

b. Because of long working time, the fastener of the lining plate becomes loose, hammer hits the lining plate, and it may be that the parts in the machine break. The solution is to do regular inspection, reinforcement of loose parts, replace serious worn parts.

hammer crusher major fault and solution

5. Crusher body vibration:

a. During the replacement of the hammer head, or the serious wear of the hammer head makes the static balance of the rotor not meet the requirements. The solution is to replace the hammer head according to the specifications of the machine design, select the hammer head by weight when replacing the hammer head, so that the total weight of the hammer on each hammer shaft is equal to that on the relative hammer shaft, that is, the static balance to meet the requirements.

b. The hammer head break, so that the rotor imbalance, and then the pin shaft bending, broken. The solution is to replace hammer head and pin shaft.

c. The anchor bolts fixing the whole machine body become loose. The solution is to do regular maintenance, tighten the loose bolts.

6. Flexible coupling makes knocking sound:

a. The pin shaft is loose. The solution is to stop and tighten the pin nut.

b. Wear of elastic ring. The solution is to replace the elastic ring.

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