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Small Crushing and Screening Machine Price and Application

author:dahua time:2021-01-08

With the development of science and technology, crushing and screening machine gradually become popular in the mining market. The equipment solves the problem that the traditional fixed crusher machine cannot meet the complex mining conditions and remote site in the mountainous area. Integrated crushing and screening machine is also a mobile crushing station, mobile crusher, integration of feeding, crushing, screening and conveying. Because of high-tech, intelligent, high yield and environmental protection, effectively reduce costs, the mobile crushing station becomes more popular in the market.

This paper introduces the price and operation site of small mobile crushing and screening machine, so that customers can make better investment.

tyre type mobile crusher

I. Price of small mobile crushing and screening machine.

Small mobile crushing and screening machine offers different price according to customer processing needs, production scale. There are tyre type and crawler type two kinds of mobile crushing station, each specific configuration is different, the price is different.

1. Tyre type mobile crushing station quotation starts at $80,000

Tyre type mobile crushing and screening machine needs semi-trailer locomotive traction in the way of walking, which belongs to semi-mobile.

The equipment is suitable for construction waste treatment, earthwork, construction and other fields. It can use electricity if the site situation is good and generator in remote mountain areas.

2. Crawler mobile crushing station quotation starts at $100,000

Crawler mobile crushing and screening machine can realize self-movement (hydraulic driven crawler) and wireless remote control operation, which is more intelligent and more expensive.

The equipment is mostly used in mountainous areas, wetlands, climbing operations, and harsh mining operation environment. The walking part is driven by diesel generator, and the crushing part is mixed of oil and electricity, which is decided according to the actual production situation of customers.

Whether semi-mobile tyred type or fully automatic crawler type, it can be configured of coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing equipment according to customer needs. For more details can click on the online chat for free consultation. 

II. Small mobile crushing and screening machine site.

Small construction waste disposal site

Processing materials: suburban construction waste

Output specifications: 0-5-10-20-30mm

mobile crushing and screening station