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Steps for Removing the Jaw Plate of the Jaw Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2019-05-13

1. Fill the lower ore bin with ores. Before the crusher stops, remove unstable ores at the ore outlet after the heavy plate feeder stops to prevent them from falling during construction.

2. Stop the crusher after breaking the mine, and clean the slag around the wedge block, wedge fixing bolt and jaw plate hoisting hole with the sweeper.

3. Use the crane and the lifting tool of the jaw plate to lift the upper jaw plate (just eat hard).

4. Loosen the locking bolt of upper wedge and middle wedge respectively, remove upper wedge locking bolt and upper wedge, and then lift the upper jaw plate to the ground with the crane.

5. Lift the lower jaw plate with the lifting tools of the crane and the jaw plate (just eat with a little effort).

6. Loosen the locking bolts of the middle wedge and the lower wedge respectively, remove the middle wedge locking bolts and the middle wedge, and then lift the lower jaw plate to the ground with the crown crane.

7. Check the use of upper, middle and lower wedge blocks and their fixing bolts respectively, and replace them if they are deformed, cracked or damaged.

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