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The Advantage of Hydraulic Cone Crusher to break the River Pebble

author:dahua1 time:2019-10-10

River pebble is a kind of pure natural stone. The natural river egg ore is processed into river egg sand after a series of processing such as crushing, sand making and sieving. River grit is an important industrial mineral raw material. It is widely used in the engineering field of water conservancy and hydropower, high-grade highways, highways, high-speed railways, passenger dedicated lines, bridges, airport runways, municipal works, high-rise buildings, sand production and stone shaping. River pebbles are also widely used as aggregates for concrete. The river has rich resources of pebble, relatively low collection cost and high application value. River pebbles are hard, wear-resistant, chemically stable silicate minerals, most suitable for impact crushers and hydraulic cone crushers. Today, we mainly talk about the advantages of the hydraulic cone crusher for the crushing of river pebbles.

First of all, the structural of the cone crusher

Now the hydraulic cone crusher produced by the crusher manufacturer is mainly composed of seven parts: the frame part, the support sleeve part, the adjustment ring part, the moving cone part, the eccentric sleeve part, the transmission part and the safety device part, among which the new crusher is fixed. The optimized structure of the main shaft and the small spherical shaft are superior in structure compared with the conventional old-fashioned spring cone crusher. In this way, the operation and maintenance are more convenient for the user. In fact, the failure is generally rare, so it is more convenient to break the river pebbles.

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Second, the design of the cone crusher

The design of the new cone crusher adopts a new concept, with large eccentricity, high swing frequency and layer compression and crushing, which make the equipment output high, the crushing ratio is large, and the grain shape is good. The use of layer compression crushing between the material and the material not only makes the crusher have high crushing efficiency, but the product is cubic, which is beneficial to the construction sand making operation, and the cone crusher performs the crushing stroke, the crushing speed and the crushing cavity shape. The perfect combination design makes its hydraulic cone crusher increase the crushing output of the river pebble. In addition, the fixed-axis design, the spindle strength is large, can carry greater crushing force. The advanced adjustment mode of the lining plate makes the cavity shape stable, the lining plate has high utilization rate, is more durable, and has a long service life, and has a long effect on the crushing of the river pebbles.

Furthermore, the hydraulic cone crusher produced by the crusher manufacturer adopts the unique laminating crushing principle and has strong crushing force. This principle is used to generate the crushing effect between the particles. After the crusher is processed, the pebbles of the river pebble are reduced. The grain size is more uniform. And during the operation of the cone crusher, the high-automatic control system can realize the overload protection of the crushing process, the iron protection, the constant cavity type, etc., and can realize real-time monitoring of oil temperature, flow, pressure, load, material size, etc. When there is a hard object such as iron block that cannot be broken into the machine, the iron protection device is used to ensure the safe application of the machine and reduce the failure rate. Moreover, the hydraulic cone crusher is optimized for the reinforced frame structure, the “simple beam” spindle structure supported at ends, the dynamic pressure lubrication copper sleeve structure, and the sensitive and reliable overload protection system to ensure the equipment in hard minerals. The rock crushing application runs stably for a long time.