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Failure Treatment Method of Vibrating Screen

author:dahua time:2019-10-10

Vibrating screen is the supporting equipment of sand and stone production line, its function is not as important as the crusher, but it is also essential for screening and grading the ore after crushing. Once the failure occurs in the work of the vibrating screen, it will also affect the progress of the subsequent crushing process, which needs to be solved in time. Here, we introduce the failure treatment method of vibrating screen.

vibrating screen fault

1. The vibration screen cannot start or amplitude is too small, should first consider the electrical aspects, motor damage, or circuit component damage, may also be the local voltage is insufficient. If these three aspects are no problem, and then from the mechanical part to check, whether the screen surface is piled up too much materials, if, that is, clear. If the coupling bolt on the exciter falls off or the grease thickens and agglomerates, the exciter can be cleaned and repaired, and the position of the weight block of eccentric shaft or the deputy eccentric block can be adjusted appropriately.

2. Material flow on the screen surface is abnormal. One is the screen box stiffness is insufficient, there is a critical frequency, that means the connection bolt has been loose, even to the extent of overall loose, need tightening. Second, the horizontal level of screen box is not found correctly, and may be caused by the screen surface damage, as long as the replacement of the screen sieve. If the screen box stiffness has been insufficient, horizontal alignment is not correct, will cause the beam fracture, and make the material flow abnormal. There may be improper operation, that is, feeding imbalance is also one of the reasons.

failure of vibrating screen

3. Screening quality is not good. This problem is mainly caused by improper operation, the mesh may be blocked, fine particles increased and material water content increase, making the screen feeding layer too thick, uneven feeding and so on. Mechanical aspects may be the two sides of the screen is not tight, if the shaft is eccentric vibration, may be weak in the belt dragging, and belt too loose. After handling the mechanical problem, can take a period of reverse rotation, to improve the quality of screening.

4. Bearing beating. At working condition, if the bearing temperature rises, means the bearing lack of grease. If it is the new grease, it is the quality of the grease or adds too full, poor oil make the bearing block labyrinth seal plug, so the quality of grease is very important.

5. Excessive noise may be caused by bearing damage, bolt loosening, beam fracture and spring damage. The bolts can be tightened, the other three conditions all need to replace parts.

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