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The Differences between Single Cylinder Cone Crusher and Multi Cylinder Cone Crusher?

author:dahua time:2019-06-10

A suitable hydraulic cone crusher can improve the efficiency and enhance the economic benefit at the same time, so the choice of crushing equipment becomes a problem that mining enterprises need to consider carefully. What is the difference between single cylinder and multi cylinder cone crusher? Today, we will compare from the adjustment device, lubrication system, crushing effect, output and other aspects, to provide a reference for you.

1. Comparison of adjustment device for discharging opening

Single cylinder cone crusher: During normal operation, the main shaft move up or down (the main shaft floats up and down) through adding oil or discharge oil for the main shaft oil cylinder to adjust the size of discharge opening. This kind of adjustment may cause the outlet to be difficult to lock when crushing hard ore.

Multi cylinder cone crusher: The adjusting cap is adjusted by the hydraulic driving force or hydraulic motor, thus driving the adjusting ring to rotate in the support sleeve (the fixed cone rotates up and down), so as to achieve the adjustment function. The advantage of this adjustment mode is that the discharging opening is easy to lock.

gpy single cylinder cone crusher

2. Comparison of overload protection

Single cylinder cone crusher: When passing the iron, the hydraulic oil is injected into the accumulator, and the spindle falls down; After passing the iron, the accumulator presses the oil back and the crusher runs normally. The cavity is also cleaned with a hydraulic pump.

Multi cylinder cone crusher: When the non-crushed materials enter into the crushing cavity, the hydraulic insurance system works, the mine discharge opening is enlarged and the foreign body is discharged from the cavity. If the foreign body is stuck in the ore discharge opening, the cavity cleaning system can be used to further enlarge the ore discharge opening and remove the foreign body from the crushing cavity. Under the action of hydraulic system, the discharge opening is automatically reset and the machine returns to normal work condition.

3. Comparison of lubrication system

Single cylinder cone crusher: Two oil inlet. One is entering from the lower of main shaft, lubricates spherical bearings, spherical tiles, rack bushing, main shaft bushing, and bevel gear. The other is entering from the drive shaft, lubricates the drive shaft bushing, and finally discharges together from the same oil outlet.

Multi cylinder cone crusher: The lubrication oil enters into the machine from the oil hole, after reaching the middle of the main shaft, it is divided into three branches: eccentric sleeve inside and outside surface, spindle middle oil hole to ball bearing, through the hole lubrication bevel gear size; Another oil is fed through the hole on the drive shaft frame to lubricate the transmission bearing, and the oil return is also through the oil return hole under the small bevel gear and the oil return hole on the dust cover.

4. Comparison of crushing effect

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone has a high content of fine materials, the fine crushing effect and the laminating crushing effect is better. While the single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is good in medium crushing, the through capacity is high.

hpy multi cylinder cone crusher

5. Comparison of maintenance

Single cylinder cone crusher has simple structure and reliable performance: a hydraulic cylinder, simple structure, low failure rate and low production cost (the simpler the mechanical system structure is, the lower the failure rate, the higher the reliability and the more stale the operation).

Multi cylinder cone crusher: The top or side of multi cylinder cone crusher can be disassembled and maintained quickly and conveniently, all parts can be disassembled and maintained from the top or side, and the moving cone and the top cone can be disassembled and installed easily, without mounting frame and fastening bolts, making daily replacement more convenient.

To sum up, single cylinder and multi cylinder cone crusher belong to high performance crusher machine, the different structure makes its advantages and disadvantages. Compared with single cylinder, multi-cylinder is more advantageous in structural performance, maintenance, crushing efficiency and other aspects. Correspondingly, the price of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher will be higher, which may also be a point that users will focus on.