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The Reason of Abnormal Vibration of the Impact Crusher

author:dahua time:2021-07-26

Impact crusher has small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio, less energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform product size, and selective crushing effect, which is a new type of high efficiency crushing equipment. Although there are so many advantages, in the use of the process, impact crusher will still appear a series of problems, such as abnormal vibration when working. In this paper, Luoyang Dahua crusher manufacturer will analyze the cause of abnormal vibration of the impact crusher.

impact crusher

1. Impeller blockage: there is blockage in the impeller passage. If there is obstruction in the impeller passage, the feed will be uneven and the body will swing too much. Take out the blockage on the impeller runner, you can solve the machine swing too much caused by shaking.

2. Uneven feed: When the machine is working, the large materials will cause the vibration of the impact crusher due to the uneven feed. At this time, it is necessary to check the feed size to ensure that the material size meets the requirements. In addition, we learned from Luoyang Dahua that the cause of excessive product size is the triangle belt is too loose. As long as the triangle belt of the impact crusher is tightened, the problem of excessive product size can be solved.

3. Rotor unbalance: After a period of time, due to some reasons caused by rotor unbalance, it will cause the machine vibrate abnormal, in this case, need to adjust the rotor.

4. The foundation is loose: When the impact crusher is installed, the foundation is not fixed, or in the process of use, the machine is shaking caused by the loosening of the anchor bolt. The operator needs regularly check whether the anchor screw loose.

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