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Attentions before starting the Vibrating Screen

author:dahua time:2021-07-21

Vibrating screen is generally used after the crushing equipment, and is used for the screening and grading of broken stones. What should we pay attention to before starting the vibrating screen? Here Luoyang Dahua crusher expert will tell you:

Maintenance of vibrating screen before starting:

stone sand vibrating screen

1. Check the vibrating screen, remove all kinds of debris that hinder the movement of the vibrating screen.

2. Check whether there is enough lubricating oil at the lubrication point of the vibrating screen. The movable bearing is lubricated with butter, and the oil injected is not more than two thirds.

3. The screen has enough tension and fixing force, because the screen slack or the uneven tension, and the screen surface fluctuation will cause adverse effects, and will shorten the life of the screen.

4. All the bolt connection parts should be screwed to the position.

5. Check the tension of the vibrating screen transmission belt to prevent skidding and affect the normal work of the vibrating screen.

6. Check the sealing strip, find wear or defects should be replaced in time.

7. Check whether the connection of the feed box is loose, if the gap becomes larger, cause a collision, will make the equipment rupture.

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