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The advantages and disadvantages of mobile, semi-mobile, semi-fixed and fixed crushing stations (II)

author:dahua time:2020-12-10

Semi-stationary crushing station

Semi-stationary crushing station is a transition mode from semi-mobile crushing station to stationary crushing station. From the connection to the ground, the crushing frame has a solid connection with the ground (anchor piles can be used to connect the bedrock and reinforced concrete foundations can be used in the loose square zone). In terms of the location of the layout, it is particularly important to fix it on the fixed side of the stope, to reduce the frequency of shifting as much as possible, and improve the service cycle, especially for rock crushing and transportation.

When the semi-fixed crushing station is moved, only the equipment body connected with the foundation with bolts can be disassembled for reuse, while the foundation buried below the surface will be discarded.


Because the semi-stationary crushing station has a solid foundation, it is suitable for mines with large processing capacity and with long service cycle.


It needs to build fixed foundation, with long construction cycle, large amount of relocation, long relocation operation time, and high civil construction costs.

crushing station for stone

Stationary crushing station

Stationary crushing station is usually arranged outside the stope boundary, or arranged in the stope and combined with the ore pass. It is not affected by the prolonging depth of the stope steps, and is connected with the ground with a permanent fixed foundation. After completion, it can be used permanently without moving. It has a variety of feeding ways, which can be directly unloaded by cars, or the buffer silo may also be provided for feeding. 


Its biggest disadvantage is long transportation distance, high transportation cost, and not easy to adjust the configuration.

stationary jaw crushing station

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