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The advantages and disadvantages of mobile, semi-mobile, semi-fixed and fixed crushing stations

author:dahua time:2020-12-09

The production of open pit mine cannot be separated from crushing equipment. Adopting appropriate crushing station can effectively reduce the grain size of ore and rock and improve the production efficiency. Open pit mine can be divided into: mobile, semi-mobile, semi-fixed, and fixed four crushing station. This article analyzes and compares the classification of these four crushing stations and their advantages and disadvantages, hoping to give you some help.

1. Mobile crushing station

Generally, mobile crushing station is a set of machinery with feeding, crushing, and conveying as a whole, adopting crawler type or tire type as walking mechanism, which can be adjusted at any time with the movement of the operation surface.


Reduce transportation cost by 50% ~ 70%; Reduce spare parts cost; Reduce labor costs; Reduce pavement maintenance; It has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection. Crawler mobile crushing station is suitable to be applied in large open pit mine. It is suitable for large-scale and continuous mining processing.

Disadvantage: The equipment is complex, expensive and the one-time investment is too large.

mobile crushing stone crusher station

2. Semi-mobile crushing station

Semi-mobile crushing station, also known as modular crushing station, is to place the machine on the appropriate working level in the open stope, and use crawler transporter or other traction (pull) equipment to transport the crushing unit as a whole (or separate) with the movement of working steps.

A modular unit includes three parts: crushing, screening and feeding machinery; Steel structure bracket, hopper, buffer bin and other non-standard design parts; Steel grid platform, italics, handrails and other standardized design parts.


The most typical feature of semi-mobile crushing station is that it is connected to the ground without concrete foundation. Its service life ranges from a few months to several years, and its one migration time usually does not exceed 48h.

Short construction period: It can be manufactured and pre-assembled in the factory. After troubleshooting, it can be divided and shipped to the project site for rapid assembly. Each component is connected by bolts, almost without on-site welding, which is conducive to rapid construction and production.

modular unit crushing station