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Vehicle-mounted Mobile Stone Crusher

author:dahua time:2020-04-17

Vehicle-mounted mobile stone crusher, from its name is not difficult to guess that this stone crusher can be moved by locomotive traction, also known as mobile crushing station. It can directly drive to the job site, like a movable crushing production line. The crusher, screening machine, feeding machine, and conveyor belt are carrying on the vehicle chassis, it can move at any time. The mobile stone crusher has full functions, higher efficiency, which is widely applied in stone aggregate industry.

mobile stone crusher

The vehicle composition: crusher, screening machine, conveyor belt, feeding machine, vehicle chassis, control cabinet, and electric unit, etc.

Application: crushing stone, construction waste, waste concrete, cement blocks, brick slag and other stone operations.

Equipment classification: tire type, crawler type

Two-in-one configuration: refers to two cars for a set, that is, feeding machine + jaw crusher (coarse crushing) on the first car, impact crusher + screening machine (fine crushing) on the second car.

Four in one configuration: refers to four kinds of equipment on a car, namely "feeding machine + jaw crusher + screening machine + cone crusher/impact crusher".

two in one mobile stone crusher

1. All-steel ship chassis, with imported composite steel, has high strength and stronger adaptability to the site. It can be moved from one site to another without stopping.

2. Variable frequency energy-saving motor is adopted, which is flexible and can meet the needs of frequent variable speed under different working conditions. In addition, diesel can be used to generate electricity to meet the situation that some users in remote areas are not convenient to use municipal electricity.

3. The whole machine includes electric control cabinet, control element, wire, handle, alarm, etc.. The centralized control is more efficient, can realize the remote control of starting, process adjustment, shutdown, alarm and other operations.4. Natural rubber tires, with high strength, strong toughness, good elasticity, good insulativity and other advantages, also has a good shockproof effect。 The crawler type USES the low speed and high torque running motor and the matching hydraulic system, which can realized the stepless variable speed.

Vehicle-mounted mobile stone crusher makes the crushing work more simple and more efficient. We have professional project manager to provide free design and offer favorable price, for more details, please contact "online chat" or send email to