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Vertical Impact Crusher (Sand Making Machine) Operation is Dust Control

author:dahua1 time:2019-08-12

The crusher and its auxiliary equipment such as hoppers, conveyors, etc. can generate dust. Inhalation of dust is harmful to the operator of the crusher. In general, excessive levels of dust in the air can cause silicosis, and the risk of disease depends on the dust concentration, the working time in the dusty environment and the type of material being crushed. It is strongly recommended that all personnel in dusty environments should wear dust-proof facilities such as dust masks to prevent inhalation of dust.

The operator must be responsible for determining the necessity of using the dust-proof device and the applicability of the device and warning of the danger of dust, ensuring that all personnel entering the work area wear dust-proof devices and comply with hazard warnings.

By improving the crushing route, it is possible to reduce the amount of dust generated by the crusher, such as adding a dust collection system, or installing a water spray device on the conveyor belt of the feed and/or discharge port. The amount of dust generated by the crusher can be achieved by increasing the amount of material in the hopper (reducing the amount of air intake).

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Dust control

If the dust flies out from the bottom of the unit, this indicates that the equipment is not adequately fed. If the dosing amount cannot be increased, the feed opening can be reduced by adjusting the feed control panel and the control door to minimize air rapids.

The air circulation in the crushing chamber creates an ideal dust collecting environment, and the dust removal device can be added to the system equipment after the crusher to effectively control the dust.

When driving and parking, the crushing machine discharges a large amount of air with dust.

We make the following two suggestions:

1. As much as possible to shorten the time of the crusher without material operation.

2. Install a water spray device at the discharge port and interlock it with the motor ON/OFF switch to automatically activate the device when the crusher is driving and stopping to control dust emissions.