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Vibrating Screen Operating Procedures and Maintenance System

author:dahua1 time:2019-07-23

1. The operator should be aware of and be familiar with the equipment's operating procedures.

2. The operator should have a detailed understanding of the performance of the screen and should be able to take appropriate measures when abnormal conditions occur.

3. Prepare the following preparations before starting:

3.1 Read the duty record to deal with the remaining issues of the previous shift;

3.2 Check and eliminate the presence or absence of stones, such as the sieve machine and the chute funnel, which affect the movement of the screen machine;

3.3 Carefully check that all fasteners are fully tightened and that the screen surface is damaged;

3.4 Check if the vibration exciter bearing is refueling on schedule;

3.5 Before the starter and normal operation of the sieve machine, the feeding should be prohibited; at the same time, before the normal listening machine, the materials on the sieve machine should be completely finished.

3.6 The size of the material should not be too large to prevent the screen from being damaged. At the same time, the amount of material should not exceed the maximum processing capacity of the machine to prevent the vibration part from being damaged due to frequent downtime.

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4. The following preparations should be made when the sieve machine is running:

4.1 If abnormality is found, stop immediately to check the cause, and then restart and operate after troubleshooting.

4.2 Check the normal temperature of the exciter;

4.3 The sieve machine runs without abnormal noise;

4.4 The material requirements should be evenly fed to the sieve machine, the flow should be even, and the smooth flow through the sieve surface must not run;

4.5 It is forbidden to stop the material or continue feeding after the shutdown;

5. The blockage in the screen surface and the environment around the screen machine should be clear when leaving work.

6. Add oil every week for work.