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What Factors should be Considered when Choose the Hammer Head of Impact Crusher?

author:dahua1 time:2019-07-22

Hammer head is a kind of wearing part of impact crusher with large consumption, so enhance the service life is always the pursuit target for the customer. Actually, we should choose the proper hammer head according to the crushing principle. Maybe many customer s are not familiar with this aspect, today, we will analyze what factors should be considered when choose the hammer head.

1. The size of feed materials

The size of feed materials directly influences the wear degree of hammer head. Different materials have different wear degree, so for the specified type of crusher, it could choose the suitable feed aggregates, reduce the abrasion from big materials, prolong the service life of hammer head.

2. Materials hardness and size

The bigger the material, the higher of toughness is. The harder the materials, the higher requirement of the texture of hammer head. When choose the hammer head, we should choose according to the hardness of crushed materials. If the materials are hard but brittle, they are easy to be crushed, normally choose high manganese steel hammer head. If the materials are too soft, can use the hard and wearable hammer head, like high-chromium alloy or cemented carbide hammer head.

3. Structure design of hammer head

The hammer head can be classified into three types according to the size, light-duty, medium-sized and heavy-duty. Since the inner wear resistance of hammer head is lower than that of the surface, the thickness is bigger. The structural design and geometrical shape of hammer head have a great influence of the mechanical property and inner metal tissue that being treat after tempering, especially for the thick hammer head. 

Therefore, we should choose the hammer head after considering the detail situation.

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