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What are the Advantages of Jaw Crusher in Stone Production Line?

author:dahua2 time:2022-08-22

The jaw crusher can handle a wide range of materials, no matter what kind of ore, it can achieve a good crushing effect. Jaw crushers typically handle the most common iron ore, shale, limestone, granite and other ores. Its biggest feature is the advantages of high efficiency and low investment, making jaw crusher the first choice in the mechanical crushing equipment industry.

Jaw Crusher in Stone Production Line

1. High production efficiency

The design of the deep V-shaped silo makes the raw material not easy to be blocked during the feeding and crushing process. Jaw crushing operations have started from the top of the crushing chamber, and the crushing ratio has been increased by making the discharge port smaller. The design of the inclination angle of the lining plate makes the stroke of the material at the bottom of the crushing chamber larger, which promotes the improvement of the material developing ability.

2. Good wear resistance

The jaw crusher has corresponding advantages in the adjustment of the discharge port. It does not require adding or subtracting shims during different shredding processes. It can only be done by adjusting the equipment. The actual operation is simple, convenient and fast. The materials of this equipment are all pressure-resistant and wear-resistant parts, among which the movable jaw is a forging piece, and the forging blank is used to make the whole equipment more stable and practical.

3. Wide range of application

The discharge port has a large adjustment range, a reasonable structure and a small footprint, which can meet the various production needs of users. It has been widely used in mining, smelting, building materials and other industries, and has solved the equipment problems of sand and gravel aggregates and various stone supplies.

Due to the high-efficiency production, low energy consumption, and convenient use of jaw crushers, this type of stone production line has a high degree of automation, and the entire production line requires almost no manual operation except for the start-up, shutdown and routine maintenance of the equipment. In addition, it has high production efficiency, low operating cost, large output and high income, and the finished stone has uniform particle size and good particle shape, which meets the requirements of construction materials.

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