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What are the Complete Sets of Sand and Gravel Aggregate Production Lines?

author:dahua1 time:2019-10-31

Nowadays, the construction of domestic foundation, railway and water conservancy is in a state of rapid development. Coupled with the natural mechanism sand, it is difficult to meet its daily needs. The mechanism sand has become the best product to replace natural sand, making the aggregate of sand and gravel. The market has a better development prospect, and more and more people are joining the industry. So, how is the finished machine sand made? What are the devices used? What is the difference?

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1. Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher is used for preliminary coarse crushing of various materials, has good versatility, and is designed with sophisticated technology, which has significant performance advantages:

1) Strong ability to enter and discharge, improve efficiency, increase production, and the overall effect is very good;

2) The discharge port is easy and flexible to adjust, convenient in operation and maintenance, stable in operation, convenient in installation and low in running cost.

3) The lubrication system is designed reasonably to reduce the waste of lubricating oil, and improve lubrication efficiency and maintenance.

2. Cone Crusher / Impact Crusher

Cone crushers and impact crushers are ideal equipment for medium and fine crushing of stone materials. The former is more suitable for hard rock and the latter is biased towards soft rock crushing. Both have unique advantages:

1) Cone crusher: It contains extremely high technical content, with good safety, reliable quality, high efficiency and energy saving, less consumption of wearing parts, automatic processing, saving labor and time cost, and green pollution-free production.

2) Impact crusher: the appearance of the equipment design beautiful, small size, light machine weight, stable quality, production capacity, high comprehensive benefits, less power consumption, impact resistance, wear resistance, the overall effect is good.

3. Sand Making Machine

The sand making machine is the core equipment of the whole gravel aggregate production line. It is to make the crushed stone material into sand making process, and adopts the principle of “stone stone” and “stone hitting iron” to achieve the fine crushing effect.

1) The product has excellent grain type, generally presents in the form of cubes, uniform fineness and reasonable grading, meeting the requirements of higher standards of aggregates;

2) Simple operation, stable operation, green sand making, no pollution, low noise, good overall effect.

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4. Vibration Feeder

The vibrating feeder, as the name suggests, feeds the material evenly, quantitatively and continuously into the crusher, mainly for continuous and uniform feeding before the coarse crusher, while feeding, and according to the preset bar gap size. The material is coarsely sieved to avoid the reactive loss of the subsequent crusher, thereby improving the crushing efficiency. It has the characteristics of stable vibration, reduced energy consumption, reliable quality, and durable, uniform feeding and low cost.

5. Bucket-wheel Type Sand Washer

The bucket wheel sand washing machine is a bucket wheel structure sand washing device. The machine is widely used in the sand washing operation in the sand and gravel aggregate processing industry, which can effectively remove the mixed stone powder and debris in the sand and improve the quality of the sand. The structure is simple, the bucket wheel transmission device is placed above the water surface, and is protected from the wetness of water and sand mud; the sand washing machine is stable in rotation, and the water flow can be adjusted to control the loss of fine sand and stone powder to achieve a good sand washing effect; High washing degree, large processing capacity, low energy consumption, easy maintenance and repair.

6. Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor and gravel production line are ideal high-efficiency continuous transportation equipment. It has the characteristics of continuous transportation, reliable and convenient, long transportation distance, low energy consumption, large transportation volume and green environmental protection.

In addition, the whole set of sand and gravel aggregate production line needs to be equipped with corresponding sand washing machine, electric control system, dust removal equipment, etc., and can also be equipped with hammer crusher, roller crusher and composite according to the crushed materials. Crusher, etc., this specific to according to the needs of customers to tailor the production line program, and manufacturers designers for you to design an economical cost-effective sand production line, to provide you with a complete set of program design, equipment production, installation and maintenance services. Maximize the benefits of each user!