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What are the Kinds of Crushers?

author:dahua time:2017-08-21

There are many kinds of crushers, but the typical crushers are jaw crusher, cone crusher, vertical impact crusher, impact crusher, and hammer crusher. Here is the short introduction of these crushers.


Jaw crusher: Jaw crusher was developed by the US in 1858. Its main advantage is suitable for the crushing of medium hardness materials. Compared with the other crushers, jaw crusher has simple structure, easy maintenance, and low price, so it is popular in the market. But its defect is low crushing efficiency, small crushing ratio and large abrasion.


Cone crusher: Cone crusher was came out in 1927 and was officially applied in industry field. It mainly featured with large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, low power consumption and good particle shape, which is suitable for the medium and fine crushing of various kinds of ores and rocks with less abrasion and few dust emission. But the complex structure makes the maintenance becoming difficult and expensive.


Vertical impact crusher: Vertical impact crusher is called sand making machine with the working principle of stone beat stone. It is the product of the 1990s. The advantages are fine and smooth particles, low power consumption, high output, simple structure and convenient maintenance.


Impact crusher: The first impact crusher was developed in 1924. Its advantages are large crushing ratio; the crushed particles have good shape in cube. The discharge granularity is adjustable. The defect is that the liner plate is easy to wear, and thus resulting the heavy working load of workers in replacing and maintaining.


Hammer crusher: The advantage of hammer crusher is simple structure, easy operation, light weight, and convenient maintenance. The disadvantage is the hammer head is worn fast, so the investment cost is increased.


The customer should choose the suitable crusher according to the actual situation, or you can consult us, we will provide the professional and customized design for you.