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What are the Types of Stone Sand Making Machine?

author:dahua1 time:2020-03-23

Stone sand making machine is a kind of "fine crushing + shaping" crushing equipment. Commonly used are vertical shaft impact crusher, vertical impact crusher and vertical composite crusher. The finished product processed by the stone sand making machine is of grain type. Stone sand making machine is widely used in various metal and non-metal mines, refractory materials, abrasive ceramic raw materials, building materials and high-speed railway construction, water conservancy and hydropower construction, folk sand stone aggregate production and other industries centering on hard, extra hard or abrasive materials. Today, we will give you a detailed explanation of the issues related to the model, performance advantage, investment cost, etc. of the stone sand making machine.

Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Does the finished product processed by the stone sand machine conform to the construction sand standard?

The answer is definitely yes. With the shortage of natural sand resources, artificial sand is bound to replace natural sand. Our common river pebble, quartz stone, granite and other stones can be sanded, and the particle size of the finished material is uniform and beautiful. Like the PLS series vertical impact crusher of Luoyang Dahua, the sand produced has stable performance. Good permeability, the finished granularity cubes all have a polygonal surface (high bonding strength), which can meet the aggregate needs of national key projects and highways. Moreover, the sources of raw materials are also relatively wide. River stones, quartz stones, granite and other stones are common stones. Stones processed by stone sand making machines are more popular than natural sand. Under the situation that the price of stone aggregate is rising again, there is no need to worry about the market.

2. What are the models of stone sand making machine?

Each manufacturer's model name is different. Taking Luoyang Dahua as an example, there are three types of impact crushers: PLK series vertical shaft impact crusher, PLS series vertical impact crusher, and PFL vertical composite crusher. Each type has multiple models. The processing capacity of each model of sand making machine varies from hour to hour, and there are certain differences in various parameters. Therefore, when we choose the model of the sand making machine, we must choose the appropriate model according to our own requirements, according to different standards such as material properties, discharge requirements, and production capacity.

3. Is the investment cost of stone sand making machine big?

The investment prospects of sand aggregate are still very optimistic for many people. With the more mature sand-making technology, many manufacturers with research and development capabilities, the performance of the equipment is more and more stable, investors of sand-making machines More and more, in such a fierce market, is it costly to invest in a stone sand maker? In fact, it depends on the supply and demand of the market. Although there are many investors, competition for peers will be more intense for mining machinery and equipment manufacturers. Therefore, although the prices of sandstone aggregates have risen and increased, the prices of production equipment have not changed. There is no obvious growth, so for investors, the continuous development of technology has brought more and more convenience to all walks of life. The same is true of the sand and stone industry. There are more and more types of applicable materials, and the quality of the sand produced is getting better and better, and the variety is diverse, which can meet the sand demand of different industries. Coupled with the stable supply, the application field of machine-made sand is also expanding. The project is in full swing, the construction industry is booming, the amount of sand used is only increasing, and the market prospect is good. The price of stone sand making machine varies according to the model. It is normal to have a difference of tens of thousands or more. Generally, the better the performance and the higher the production capacity, the price is higher. For investors, in addition to price, parameters and performance are the most important, not the more expensive the better, nor the cheaper the better, the right one is the most important.