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What is a Crusher Plant?

author:dahua2 time:2023-08-21

The crushing  plant is also called stone crushing plant . This crushing production line has high degree of automation, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, and the produced stones have uniform particle size and good particle shape. It is suitable for the construction of various large, medium and small projects such as roads and bridges. And the main equipment of the crushing production line is the impact crusher. Compared with the previous equipment, the crushing and shaping process has been added, the crushing ratio and processing capacity have been increased, and the output has been greatly increased by about 30%. During the whole process, the consumption of wearing parts has been greatly reduced by 20%.
crushing plant
Process flow chart of crushing plant
Firstly, the stone is evenly sent to the coarse crusher by the feeder for preliminary crushing, and then the coarse material is conveyed by the conveyor to the impact crusher for further crushing, and the finely crushed stone is screened into different specifications by the vibrating screen. The stones that do not meet the particle size requirements are fed back into the impact crusher for further crushing.
Due to the large crushing ratio of the crushing production line (stone crushing production line), which can be processed in batches, the high output brings considerable economic benefits to customers, and the maintenance of each equipment in this production line is simple, and the wearing parts adopt the latest domestic high-strength and wear-resistant materials. Materials, low loss, long service life, can save customers a lot of maintenance and repair costs during operation.
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