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What is the Difference between Hammer Crusher and Impact Crusher

author:dahua time:2016-06-14

With the continuous development of economy,all kinds of industries are growing.Due to the rapid development of building materials industry,the market demand for crusher equipment is also growing.However,we don't have much understanding on crusher equipment.Actually there are many types of crusher equipment,such like hammer crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, etc.Here, we simply introduce the difference between the hammer crusher and impact crusher.

Hammer crusher is suitable for crushing limestone,coal mine,salt mine,brick and tile in the construction of roads and railways,buliding construction and other industries.

1.Simple structure and easy operation, high production efficiency,low energy consumption and cost.

2.The distance between gird can be adjusted, so as to change the discharge size and granularity under cunstomer's will.

3.Adoption of hammer, gird sections and impact plate all with high wearing resistance makes their service life longer.

4.Feed water when crushing material can reduce dust damage to workers.


Impact crusher is mainly used in ore crushing, generally apply to construction of railway, airport andreservoir. 

1.Uniform grain size with cubic shaped particle,which size can also be adjusted.

2.Small size,simple structure,high production efficiency;

3.As secondary crushing procedure cooperated with jaw crusher and hammer crusher,stable operation,and long service life.