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What is the Effect of Processing River Pebble with Impact Crusher?

author:dahua1 time:2020-03-02

The PLS series vertical impact crusher (sand making machine) produced by Luoyang Dahua is the key to stand out among many sand making equipment. Compared with traditional sand making equipment, this generation of impact sand making machine is more suitable for medium and extremely hard. The crushing and shaping of abrasive materials are widely used in minerals and rocks in a variety of metal and non-metallic mines, refractory materials, abrasive ceramic raw materials, building materials and high-speed railway construction, water conservancy and hydropower construction, and folk sand and stone aggregate production. The fine crushing and shaping operation is especially effective for the production of high-hard and ultra-hard sand making cobblestone. River pebble is a type of cobblestone. It is a natural stone with abundant resources and low cost. Today, natural sand is increasingly scarce, and river pebble artificial sand has become a new trend. After the crushing and sand making by the crusher and sand making machine, a piece of natural river pebble can be processed into mechanical sand comparable to natural sand. It should be widely used in various fields such as building materials, construction, roads, and water conservancy, and become an industry. 

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Working principle of river pebble sand making machine:

The river pebble material enters the sand making machine from the feeding hopper. During operation, the impeller body continuously throws the material source into the crushing cavity forming the material lining, forming an impact crushing mode of "stone on stone" and "stone on iron". The material enters the crusher from the feeding hopper, and part of it is directly accelerated into the high-speed rotating impeller by the central feeding tube in the middle of the distributor, and then is ejected from the uniformly distributed flow path of the impeller at a speed of 50 to 75 meters per second. The material ejected from the impeller at high speed is first crushed and crushed with a part of the material falling on the outer periphery of the distributor, and then impacted on the material lining or counterattack plate in the vortex crushing cavity, and is rebounded to change its direction of movement. The material emitted from the channel forms a continuous material curtain.

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What are the advantages of PLS series sand making machine?

1. Good sand shape

The PLS series sand making machine has the characteristics of selective crushing, high crushing efficiency and low energy consumption; the crushed products have uniform particle size, natural grain shape, and solid and stable materials. Therefore, VSI sand making machines are often used in sand and stone materials with strict requirements.

2. The finished sand is better than natural sand

With shaping function, the crushed product has a cubic shape, the pin-like content is extremely low, and the grain shape and gradation of the sand making can be adjusted and improved. PLS series sand making machine is widely used in artificial sand making and high-grade highway aggregate production.

3. Low cost investment

Reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving. The VSI sand making machine not only meets the requirements of sand quality for construction, but also makes up for the technical defects of the sand making industry. It can also combine various types of equipment according to different process requirements. Meet customers' different process requirements with less investment in sand making.