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What is the Feed Size of the Sand Making Machine?

author:dahua2 time:2022-08-17

The general feed particle size of the sand making machine is below 5 cm. The processing particle size is below 5mm. Generally, we must strictly abide by the feeding particle size of the sand making machine, which is closely related to the way it works.

Feed Size of the Sand Making Machine

After the material enters the sand making machine, it is divided into two parts through the distributor, and one part enters the high-speed rotating impeller from the distributor, accelerates rapidly in the impeller, and then pops out of the three flow passages of the impeller. The other part is scattered around the distributor, and is impacted and crushed by hitting the material lining in the vortex tube. In this way of force, if the material is too large or too small, the projectile force is not enough, and when it collides with the material falling freely around the dispenser, the crushing particle size is not enough, and the processed finished product is difficult to meet the production requirements.

The requirements of the sand making machine for the feeding particle size are closely related to its own working principle. We must strictly abide by the requirements of its feeding specifications, which is also a key factor to ensure the particle size and quality of the finished product.

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