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What is the Price of Mobile Impact Crusher?

author:dahua2 time:2022-06-24

The mobile impact crusher is the impact crusher mounted on the mobile frame. There are two types of tire type and crawler type. It is easy to move and flexible to operate, and is loved by many users.

tire-type mobile impact crusher

One mobile impact crusher is a production line, with a variety of crushing cavity types, which can complete the coarse, medium and fine crushing of materials at one time, and the feeding particle size is between 500-600mm. The impact crusher is especially suitable for crushing limestone and medium hardness stone with compressive strength lower than 200Mpa.

The tire-type mobile impact crusher needs to be pulled by the front of the vehicle when walking, and can only be put into production after a simple installation at the job site, so it is also called a semi-mobile impact crusher; the crawler-type mobile impact crusher has a relatively higher degree of automation and adopts a centralized control system. There is no need for front towing or installation, and it can be directly driven to the job site for production.

crawler-type mobile impact crusher

When the mobile impact crusher is processing construction waste, there should be no large wire in the material. The mobile impact crusher can easily process construction waste.

There are many types of mobile impact crushers, and the price is also different, about $50,000 to $500,000, depending on the type and model of equipment. Under normal circumstances, because the crawler type mobile impact crusher has a higher degree of automation, it is about $60,000 more expensive than the tire type mobile impact crusher; there is also a variety of models, whether it is a crawler mobile impact crusher or a tire mobile impact crusher, the larger the model. , which means that the higher the input cost of the manufacturer, the more expensive the quotation; in addition, different manufacturers use different materials, labor costs, water and electricity costs when producing mobile impact crushers, so it will also cause mobile impact crushers. difference in price.

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