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What is the Reason of No Fine Grinding of Ball Mill?

author:dahua time:2021-02-03

The phenomenon of fine grinding in ball mill is closely related to grinding concentration, and the grinding concentration is directly related to the amount of ore. Too large or too small concentration will have a bad effect on the normal work of the ball mill. When the concentration is too large, the flow speed of pulp slows down, and the impact of grinding medium (steel ball) becomes weak. For overflow type ball mill, the discharge concentration may be thickened. And the grate ball mill may appear swelling belly phenomenon. The following is a detailed analysis of the causes and solutions of the ball mill "swelling belly".

The cause of "swelling belly" is mainly caused by increasing of ore quantity and water change (water pressure reduction), and the sharply increased grinding concentration. The sound becomes dull, and the sound of the impact of the steel ball cannot be heard. Observe the ammeter and you can see that the current drops, indicating that the motor works weak at this time, and the ball mill has lost its grinding function. If it is not adjusted in time, the material in the cylinder will soon be spewing out from the mill, causing metal loss.

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Dealing with the phenomenon of "swelling belly", operators must avoid panic. First, turn off the feeder, stop feeding the ore, increase the water at the back of the mill appropriately, reduce the ore discharge water appropriately, and raise the overflow concentration of the classifier, so as to reduce the ore return and reduce the load of the mill. Via careful processing and adjustment, generally speaking half an hour or so can restore normal, some serious individual still longer. When it is found that the concentration of ore discharge is thinner and the amount of ore discharge is less, the sound of the ball hitting the lining plate can be heard, observe the ammeter and find that the current has returned to normal. These phenomena indicate that the "swelling belly" has been resolved. At this time, the feed and other operating conditions can be restored to allow the ball mill to work normally.

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