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What is the reason for the large amount of returned material of the impact crusher?

author:dahua time:2021-01-13

The impact crusher is popular among users in the production of sand and stone factories. On the one hand, its cost performance is high, its price is relatively close to the people, on the other hand, its operating ability, crushing efficiency is very prominent, the discharge particle shape is quite good, in a cube shape, no tension and cracks.

impact crusher factory

1. The regulating device is damaged

The regulating device is mainly responsible for adjusting the size of the discharge port of the crusher and controlling the fineness of the discharge. The crusher can use the discharge adjustment device to adjust the size of the discharge port and reduce the return material.

2. Plate hammer wear

The hammer plate of crusher equipment is the main accessory in contact with the material. In the working process, the constant collision and wear between the raw material and the hammer plate leads to the weaker crushing strength of the machine. The less the material is discharged, the more the material is returned, which affects the output. Therefore, it is necessary to timely check and replaces the board hammer in the production to ensure the normal operation of the machine. 

There are many reasons for the large amount return material of the hammer plate, the above two points are frequent and inevitable reasons. If you want to consult more issues of crusher machine, please contact us to