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What should We do if the Jaw Crusher is Abnormally Vibrating?

author:dahua1 time:2019-11-05

Jaw crusher as the first broken stone crushing production line, with its unique cavity, superior operation characteristics, large handling capacity, large crushing ratio, high efficiency and energy saving characteristics, widely used in mining, construction, chemical industry, water conservancy and other industries of various minerals and rock coarse crushing operations. However, due to the harsh working environment of the jaw crusher, it is inevitable that vibration will occur in the production of the equipment. When the vibration of the equipment is too large, this situation should be noted. The occurrence of abnormal vibration indicates that the machine may have problems, which will greatly reduce the production efficiency of the jaw crusher and damage the parts and reduce the service life. Today, we will give you an analysis of the causes and measures of the abnormal vibration of the jaw crusher.

Causes of abnormal vibration of jaw crusher

First, the reason for the parts

1. Component failure. If the jaw crusher flywheel wears in production, or the tension sleeve is loose, it will cause the flywheel counterweight to shift position, or the bearing gap is improper and the motor drive is improper, which will cause the jaw crusher to vibrate too much.

2. The parts fall off. After the jaw crusher has been working for a long time, the constant frictional impact with the material may cause some parts of the equipment to fall off, such as fixing bolts or severely worn parts. These falling parts are retained in the jaw crushing. Inside the machine, it constantly collides with the inner wall of the machine to cause vibration.

3. The parts are loose. The anchor bolt nut is tightened in the cold state. After the booting for a period of time, due to the high temperature of the clinker, the bolt expansion of the anchor bolt causes the nut to loosen, which will directly cause the machine base to be unable to firmly bond with the ground and cause the machine. The vibration is too large.

Second, the material reasons

1. The material contains too much water. If the water content of the material to be crushed is too large, it will cause the material to stick in the crushing chamber due to excessive moisture, and block in the crushing chamber, causing the jaw crusher to vibrate too much.

2. The material is too hard. If the feed size is too hard or there is material that cannot be broken into the machine, it will also cause the material in the crushing chamber to be congested, causing abnormal vibration of the equipment.

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Measures to reduce abnormal vibration of jaw crusher

First, to ensure the firmness of the installation foundation

1. When installing the jaw crusher, you must choose a hard and stable ground. Otherwise, the jaw crusher will easily cause the foundation to sink after long-term work, which will cause the jaw crusher to vibrate too much.

2. When installing the jaw crusher, it must be carried out in accordance with scientific and reasonable procedures. When fixing the jaw crusher, the foundation must be laid, and the foundation should be checked for looseness in the future. It should be strengthened in time.

Second, the inspection in production

1. Pay attention to check whether the fasteners such as the bolts and screws of the jaw crusher are loose, check whether the fixed foundation of the jaw crusher is loose, and find that the looseness should be tightened in time. Be sure to check if the position of the flywheel of the jaw crusher deviates from the position and correct it if necessary.

2. Regularly check the bearing clearance. In the production, the bearing lubrication should be done well to reduce the vibration caused by bearing damage. The spindle should also be inspected carefully. If the jaw crusher shaft is not balanced, or if it is overloaded for a long time, it will cause severe bending deformation of the spindle, which will cause equipment vibration. At this point we have to correct the spindle in time, if it cannot be corrected; we need to replace the new spindle in time.

3. Pay attention to the humidity and hardness of the material; avoid the excessively high water content and the hard material entering the crushing chamber, which will affect the production efficiency of the jaw crusher.