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What's the Production Capacity of Small Mobile Crusher Plant? How to configure?

author:dahua time:2020-12-21

Users always want to buy small mobile crusher plant for one reason or another. For example, due to limited funds, limited scale and environmental protection, the demand for small mobile crusher plant is becoming higher and higher. Luoyang Dahua as a professional mine crusher manufacturer, what is the minimum output of mobile crusher? How to configure it? 

small mobile crusher plant

What is the minimum output of Luoyang Dahua mobile crusher plant?

Mobility is the outstanding characteristic of mobile crushers compared with fixed crushers. This realization is not simply to add a wheel, but to complete the fixed installation and production line configuration of the crusher before leaving the factory, and directly install it on the mobile rack, which can be directly driven to the crushing site and immediately put into production.

The cost input of this mobile rack is relatively large. Generally, output of the small mobile crusher plant is about 100 tons per hour for its cost-effective. Luoyang Dahua crusher manufacturer, in order to meet the user's small output demand, as far as possible to make full use of the mobile rack, not only to install the crusher, but also the feeder, screening machine can also be installed together. We launched three-in-one mobile crusher and four-in-one mobile crusher with the production capacity of 20 tph. 

stone mobile crusher

Small mobile crusher configuration

The 20-ton three-in-one small mobile crusher plant

The feeder, 250*750 jaw breakage and 1215 vibrating screen are installed on the mobile frame at the same time;

This configuration is suitable for the crushing of small materials, no matter hard or soft materials, it can directly crush 210 mm stones into 10-30 mm, only one main crusher is needed, which is more economical and convenient.

The four-in-one small mobile crusher plant

1. Feeder, 46 jaw crusher, 600 cone crusher, 1237 vibrating screen should be installed on the mobile frame at the same time;

2. Feeder, 46 jaw crusher, 1007 impact crusher, 1237 vibrating screen are installed on the mobile frame at the same time;

The first one is mainly for hard materials, the second one is for soft materials. This configuration scheme is slightly larger than the three-in-one configuration of crushed material particle size, which can break 340 mm stone into 10-30 mm.

mobile crusher

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