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Wheel Type Mobile Crushing Station

author:dahua2 time:2023-01-06

Wheel type mobile crushing station is the rock and construction waste crushing equipment, which is widely used in mining ore crushing, construction waste recycling, construction aggregate production, highway, railway, road, bridge construction and other industries. Its design concept is to eliminate the barriers brought by crushing site, environment, complex basic configuration and complex logistics to customers crushing operation, and truly provide customers with efficient and low-cost project operation facilities.
mobile jaw crushing satation
Wheel type mobile crushing station
The wheel type mobile crushing design adopts the wheel type moving mode, the vehicle chassis is high, the turning radius is small, easy to drive on the common road, more convenient to drive in the rough road environment of the crushing field. It saves time for quick entry into the site. It is more conducive to enter the reasonable construction area, and provides a more flexible working space for the overall crushing process. It can crush materials on the site, eliminating the intermediate link of crushing and processing when materials are transported away from the site, and greatly reducing the transportation cost of materials.
Wheel type mobile crushing station is a kind of high efficiency crushing equipment. It with excellent mobility and adaptability to the working site, without the need for various preliminary preparations before the fixed crushing station is installed in place. This can reduce the handling of materials, and facilitate the coordination of all auxiliary machinery equipment. With wireless remote control, the crusher can be easily driven onto a trailer and transported to the site.
mobile crushing station
Mobile crushing station classification
The wheel type mobile crushing station can be divided into four series: mobile cone crushing station, mobile jaw crushing station, mobile impact crushing station and mobile screening station.
Mobile crushing station application
Wheel type mobile crushing station is widely used in mining ore crushing, construction waste recovery, construction aggregate production, highway, railway, road, bridge construction and other industries. It is applied to crush all kinds of hardness rock materials and ore materials, such as granite, basalt, marble shale, sandstone, quartz, limestone, iron ore, copper ore, manganese ore, coal gangue, non-ferrous metal ore, cobblestone and urban demolition of construction waste.
mobile impact crusher
Mobile crushing station characteristics
1. The wheel type mobile crushing station are light in weight, small in size and especially suitable for the work in the narrow site;
2. Convenient transportation, vehicle-mounted walking, no damage to the road surface, equipped with multi-functional accessories, wide range of adaptation;
3. Set feeding, crushing, transmission and other process equipment as a whole. Through the optimization of the process flow, it has excellent crushing performance of rock crushing, aggregate production and open-pit mining. The combination of different models, a powerful crushing operation line can be formed to complete the multi-demand processing operations;
4. The whole machine adopts all-wheel drive, can realize in situ steering, standard configuration, quick change device, with perfect safety protection function, especially suitable for the narrow site narrow and complex area;
5. Fuel saving, fuel saving rate up to 25%;
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