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Which Sand and Stone Factories are suitable for Mobile Crushing Station?

author:dahua time:2021-03-23

Recently, many users consult me, saying that my sand factory wants to buy a mobile crushing station, because it is more intelligent and more advanced. At this time, I will tell him not to be impatient. Do you need to know whether your sand and stone factory is suitable for mobile crushing station? Don't blindly follow the trend of choice. Today, follow me to see which users' sand and stone factories are suitable for mobile crushing station.

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Which sand and stone factories are suitable for mobile crushing station?

The crusher of sand and stone factory is divided into fixed type and mobile type. The requirements of different sand and stone fields are different. Compared with the fixed crushing station, the mobile crushing station can move easily. It integrates mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and intelligent control technologies into one, avoids the complicated site installation and reduces the consumption of manpower and time. There are many types of crushed stone, such as pebbles, granite, limestone, and construction waste, etc.

1. Sand and stone field with complex working environment

It is very suitable for the customers who require high production volume and can supply a continuous supply of processed materials. For example, in Guangdong, China, there are a lot of rich mineral resources, but the terrain and other reasons will bring a lot of inconvenience to the production and processing. Therefore, for the mining crushing investment users in this region, the choice of crawler type mobile crushing station can carry out climbing operation, which is both convenient and economical.

2. Rapid production of time-saving and labor-saving sand factory

The significant advantage of the mobile crushing station is that it integrates the functions of feeding, crushing and sand making, transportation and screening equipment into one. It is a combination of various equipments, just like a complete crushing production line. On the other hand, mobile crushing station can form "crushing before screening" according to different crushing process requirements, and can also form the process of "screening before crushing". It is simple to install, can be used at any time, and can be put into production quickly, saving time and effort.

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3. Sand and gravel yard with sufficient funds

As we all know, the mobile crushing station is more advanced than the fixed one. It has invested more manpower and material costs, after years of design, research and improvement, mobile crushing station is more green and intelligent, so the price will be more expensive than the fixed crusher. In addition, different models and specifications will vary in price, so we should choose mobile crushing station according to our own investment cost.

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